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Through creative strategy, performance-centered creative production and rock-solid media buying we help brands scale to new heights.

You know creative is your biggest lever for growth… 👇🏿

But you have little (or no?) idea of what types of ad creatives to test or how to draw meaningful insight from them… 👇🏾

You need a framework for creative strategy that drives growth 👇🏿

👇🏾 Here’s where we come in 👇🏿

Full Service

  • Creative research, strategy & production
  • Copywriting
  • Media buying
  • Testing
  • Optimization

Creative Only

  • Creative research, strategy & production
  • Creative optimization

We support your in-house marketing team with performance-driven creative services.

A few stores we've helped grow

Launch Phase 👇🏾

Mid-size Shops 👇🏿

Established Merchants 👇🏽

Retail Giants 👇

The eCommerce KPIs we recommend you measure

eCommerce growth is closely tied to the numbers. After years of working to drive profit for our clients we’ve found these four metrics to be the best eCommerce PPC management KPIs to live by.


Product-Specifc ROAS

Benefit:  Maximize spend on the most profitable products and troubleshoot the ones that are under-performing.


New customer CAC

Benefit:  Understand the cost to acquire a new customer.

Marginal Value per Order

Advertising Cost of Sales (ACOS)

Benefit: Get the big picture on how your advertising is performing.


30-Day LTV:CAC

Benefit: Learn how much value is driven by retention and compare with the cost of acquiring a customer.

Tailored services to maximize your growth

The entire founding principle of The Peachy Company is to create an agency that could effectively help eCommerce businesses achieve profitable, sustainable growth.

To maximize your potential for profit we’ve developed a list of core services that seamlessly integrate with our eCommerce PPC management service, all around the concept of driving your growth.

These exist to support and expand upon your eCommerce PPC management.

Help good stores do more

Social Advertising

Unleash full scale and incomparable reach with social advertising.

Conversion Rate

Landing Page Development

Increase the value of every click driven by advertising.


Email Marketing

Maximize customer retention and LTV.

A few stores we've helped grow

Launch Phase 👇🏾

Mid-size Shops 👇🏿

Septic Drainer Logo

Established Merchants 👇🏽

Retail Giants 👇


Our total Sales on Amazon and Shopify were 2x what we saw last year. And our Shopify sales were 180% higher than last year... which puts us in a good position. We are producing and testing more creative than ever before, which I'm really excited about!"

Alexandre Fournier—Director of Marketing, Sparkel

We've just heard back from our guys; they are hiring more workers and buying more stock and they will be set up to handle more traffic. Wow! What a crazy ride this has been! We're ready for it! Max that budget!"

Spencer Thompson—Founder, Leche

Wow! This is the way to impress. Your [creative] assets were spectacular and we couldn't believe what we got. This blew the whole team away. Thank you!"

John Schindhette—Snr. Art Director, Hasbro

I have only sold 2 (decks) prior... BUT THIS WEEKEND—we have taken in 7 orders for a total of 444 decks—yes 444 decks!!!"

"So whatever you are doing—I’m ready to double down!"

David Sacks—Founder, You're On Deck

Thank you so much for everything you have done for our Google campaign.

"You have been BY FAR the best Google Ads account service that I have used. I saw results just like you said I would, and results have increased more and more each month."

Elon Joseph—Founder, NYC Tast

Work with the social advertising agency that will drive your profit

We start with a free 1 on 1 eCommerce growth call to help you understand how to achieve sustainable growth, and to find out about your goals and how we can help you achieve them.

In this ~1 hour screenshare you’ll learn:

👍🏾 Why you’re struggling to increase ROAS
👍 How to increase sales volume
👍🏻 Ideas you’ve never even considered for massive growth
👍🏽 The answer to any questions you have about your account
It’s free and there’s no obligation so let’s get you booked ⤵️